The Hollow Space Under the Stair

In the hollow space under the stair
spiders breed all unaware
of an untrimmed door set in the wall
behind the paint, narrow and small.

This door opens on meadows bright -
even while the household sleeps at night -
or, perhaps, on rainy days
where water licks at stony quays,
and houses lean across canals,
and ships return from hunting whales;
or else, broaching lands of trolls,
cracks wide the face of hoary knoll.

In the pantry, by the box of bread
someone has a flashlight hid;
close by it, on upper shelves
is tucked away - a book of tales.

I say not who, I say not when
might journey to an hour's end
from the hollow space under the stair -
and all the household unaware!

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