Writing Exercise

I do this kind of thing from time to time, just to keep limber.  Wrote this awhile ago, typed it up last week.

A Forest Described

The forests were dark green, elegantly replete with tall firs so that the young leaves of oak, rowan, beech, maple and poplar could not cheer their sobriety, but instead only sombered further the forest floor, far below.

Where the sunlight did successfully tumble through the vernal crown, it fell on the faded discards of last season's growth, and glinted on the dust motes that rose to dance in its warmth. Such places where to be found scattered throughout the forest: glittering ground-level beacons, punctuating the green dim. Fungi shrank from the dazzling gold, or melted if it had sprung up there on a cloudy day, while woodland flowers and berry bushes crowded near.

The forests were shy of undergrowth, preferring instead the company of small ferns, mosses, mushrooms, or simply dead leaves drifted deep enough to wade in.  It was a perfect place for being quiet, and being still, even if your feet were on the move.

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